Story told by Donella's best friend,Leah Laughlin(age 10)

My iguana...
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My iguana

We love Donella so much.And this is the story of her life.
   Donella came to us in Oct. of 1995,and fit right in with the rest of the family.
    By March she had grown,boy had she grown,and had to be relocated to a new enviroment,a custom built 4'x4'x8' terarium.Once in there she could grow to full potential,which would be 50" nose to tail.
   Donella loves to eat romain lettuce,carrots,cucumbers broccali,corn,almost any veggie imaginable.

    When she matured she was quite fond of my mother,but I was still #1 to her. You see Donella and I are best friends,I read to her and she really listens. She approaches the glass and tilts her head back and forth as I talk.
   My mother swears that donella waves to her,and I believe it,same as she calls to me by scratching the glass to attract my attention.Mom has become quite the herpetoligist, and know alot about the care of iguanas.
   Donella is incredibly strong,due to being ALL muscle,and whip of her tail is quite painfull,as is a bite(which I personally know about!).She bit through a leather glove and drew blood on my father,who was removing her for some "cage"cleaning. An iguana is an awsome pet.
   Unfortunatly Donella died on 3/9/01 after a battle with something we could not identify,although we think it was touched off by a long cloudy winter. Donella will be greatly missed,and could not be replaced if we wanted to.

Rest In Peace.

Note:Are you thinking of getting an Iguana as a pet?First,I would like to say that they are truly a great pet to have,but please remember they are not "cuddly",they are not just an animal to throw just any kind of "junk food" to. Iguanas require a very special kind of diet.We like to call it the iguana salad.No,it is not just an oridinary salad.It requires a mixture of veggies with alot of nutrients.Lettuce is best kept at an absolute minimum or none at all.They can become "lettuce junkies",lettuce is just water,no nutrients.Iguanas are very sociable,they love to be the center of attention.If you do not have alot of time to spend with your dog,then chances are the iggy will just crave attention you cannot provide.Just make your decision with alot of thought.If you can be commited,It is well worth all the time! Coming Soon...Links to Iguana care pages,and other sites that contain important info.
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DISCLAIMER: We do not,in anyway,claim to be experts in the field of iguana care this is just the true story of our iguana.

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